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IT- Irregular plurals of nouns in Italian


Something I find interesting in Italian is the irregular plurals of nouns. Let’s review regular plurals first:

  • masc. nouns in -o, -a => -i
  • fem. nouns in -a => -e
  • masc. & fem. nouns in -e => -i

These are obviously remnants of Latin declensions (-us => -i and -a => -ae), but it’s not the matter here. So we first have a few unpredictable ones:

  • il dio => gli dèi
  • l’uomo => gli uomini
  • il bue => i buoi
  • la mano => le mani
  • l’ala => le ali

I won’t talk about stuff like belga/belgi or medico/medici (should be -ghi and -chi to keep the hard sound), but I’ll rather jump to irregular masculine words with a feminine plural in -a. There are 3 sorts:

> Simple plural in -a

  • il centinaio => le centinaia
  • il paio => le paia
  • l’uovo => le uova
  • il dito =>le dita

> Double plural, reg. masc. in -i & irreg. fem. in -a

  • il ginocchio => le ginocchia / i ginocchi
  • il vestigio => le vestigia / i vestigi

> Double plural, like above, but with different meanings (!!!) (my favourite ones and the reason of this post) (yes this makes me happy) (this is cool): generally the fem. plural in -a is the literal meaning, and the masc. plural in -i is the figurative meaning (but sometimes it’s the opposite)

  • il membro => le membra (body limbs) / i membri (group members)
  • il braccio => le braccia (body’s) / i bracci (arm of a river, armchair)
  • il labbro = le labbra (lips) / i labbri (of a wound)
  • l’osso => le ossa (man’s bones) / gli ossi (animals’ bones)
  • il grido => le grida (man’s) / i gridi (animals)
  • il muro => le mura (city walls, defensive walls) / i muri (house walls)

Obviously this post is not exhaustive, and doesn’t cover ALL the irregular plurals in Italian, but rather the most common and important ones (and the coolest ones obv).


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